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Ariberto Sacco

Early Career Engineering Geologist
Bsc (Geological Sciences and Technologies) (Engineering Geology Honours)
MSc (Mining Geology)
Ariberto has 3 years of practical mining and civil engineering experience having worked in projects across Italy, the United Kingdom and Australia. In Italy, Ariberto performed Engineering Geology duties for shallow-level foundations and the stability of anthropic caves, while in the UK he worked as a Mine Geologist in Kaolin mines focussing on improving grade control practices. Most recently, Ariberto has worked in Australia as an Engineering Geologist, primarily in underground mines in the Eastern Goldfields where he undertook day-to-day geotechnical activities.
His experience includes:
  • Detailed Geotechnical and Structural Logging
  • ​Underground and Open Pit Geotechnical and Structural Mapping
  • Underground Supports Inspections.
  • Training of Mine Geologists and Graduate Geotechnical Engineers in Rock Mass Mapping.
  • Interpretation and QA/QC of Geotechnical data through Dips and REFLEX IoGAS software.
  • RQD and Fracture Frequency photo-logging.
  • Selection of samples for Geotechnical testing (UCS, UTS, Triaxial and Stress Measurements).
  • Selection of grade Control and Resource Definition drill holes for Geotechnical Logging.
  • Testing of soils and rocks (UCS, UTS, Triaxial, Direct Shear, Atterberg Limits, Sieve Analysis, Aerometry and Oedometric) and definition of failure criteria.
  • Preliminary Stope Design through the Matthew’s Stability Graph method.
  • 3D Structural modelling and data manipulation for use in geotechnical design.
  • Geological logging of core and blast-hole cuttings.
  • Geological Mapping and sampling of cuttings and soil.
Ariberto's full resume is available on request