Early Career Engineering Geologist - Assif - Australia

BSc (Geology), MSc (Applied Environmental Geology) 

Assif has more than 3 years of geological and geotechnical experience having worked in projects across Ireland and Australia as an Engineering Geologist. Assif worked as an Engineering Geologist in Ireland since 2020 after graduating from the University College Cork with a master’s degree in Applied Environmental Geology. He has been involved in a diverse range of civil, geotechnical and telecommunications-based projects in Ireland. Having relocated to Australia, Assif is embarking on a journey within the geotechnical space, particularly in MineGeoTech. His role involves geological/geotechnical core logging, utilising 3D software for sectional views and 3D modeling, QAQC in the sampling process and data entry into the client drill hole database system.

Technical capabilities include:

  • Geotechnical core logging to meet industry standards.
  • Accurate QAQC for precise core orientation and markup.
  • Selection and packaging of core samples for rock property testing.
  • Daily report of logging progress.
  • Wall face mapping and target monitoring.
  • Selection of samples for Geotechnical testing (UCS, UTS, Triaxial and Stress Measurements).
  • Geotechnical monitoring according to site systems and processes.
  • Wide range of civil based geotechnical tests like, Plate Load Tests, Shear Vane Tests, Nuclear Density Testing, Trial Pit logging, Mineral Assessment under Thin Section, Stereo-net Evaluation and Geological Mapping (Structures and Beds).

Software skills include Leapfrog, ArcGis, HoleBASE, Micromine, In-profile Manager and MS Office.