Experience and passion.
Rigorous analysis and robust design.

At MineGeoTech, we fuse expertise, great minds, and technology together, to change the way geotechnical and mine planning solutions are embraced to maximise value in the mining industry.

What is The MGT Way?

The MGT Way

Engineering advice grounded in rigorous data analysis,
enabling robust design.

The MGT Way is a holistic, collaborative mining and geotechnical methodology that helps quantify and clarify risk to actively maximise commercial value.

Instead of simply offering reactive services and working in silos, we tap into our team’s wealth of experience and multidisciplinary expertise to provide value-adding solutions throughout your project’s lifecycle.

We look at and understand your big-picture strategic and commercial objectives. Then we work with you to collect, analyse, and turn the finest, most granular data into clear insights that enable you to make better decisions.

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