Identify risks and issues earlier. Even the hidden ones.

Our core loggers are specialists. They are passionate about geology, diamond core and geotechnical interpretation. The analysis that results from high-quality data provides project risk insights, and enable our clients to make decisions with greater confidence.

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Passionate specialists. Sharper, faster insights.

Rigorous data analysis is at the heart of The MGT Way. It is the key to extracting maximum value from your mine and managing the
associated risks.

Our core loggers consider their role as a specialist discipline, offering a level of expertise and insight that is difficult to match. This experience enables our team to proactively identify issues as we capture and analyse the core logging data. This is:

The MGT Way

Engineering advice grounded in rigorous data analysis, enabling robust design.

Our core logging and data analysis services include:

Physical logging
Our specialist core loggers can conduct geological and geotechnical logging as part of your team, for your team, or independently contributing to mining studies. We can also provide training for your team in the field for the logging and management of core. 

Geo-physical logging
Our acoustic televiewer (ATV) and optical televiewer (OTV) interpretation service provides rapid and highly accurate structural orientation for determining joint sets in stability analysis. We use geophysical data, geotechnical logs, and photos taken of the core to assess the structural setting.

Photo logging of core
While we always recommend geotechnical logging of the whole core at the time of drilling, we can undertake photo logging of the historical core, for surface and underground diamond holes that were not previously logged. We provide Rock Quality Designation (RQD) and fracture frequency spreadsheets on a per-metre or rock mass domain basis, formatted for your database.

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