Our people and culture. We share your passion.

Finding solutions to the most complex mining challenges and ensuring you maximise the value of your project as safely and efficiently as possible is more than just a point of professional pride – it’s our passion.

Your goals are our goals. Your technical challenges are our challenges. Our success and satisfaction hinges on yours.

We’re part of your team, but we also treat your project as if it were our own. We continuously look for opportunities that could add value to your project, applying the wealth of our integrated team’s mining and geotechnical experience to analyse, optimise and capitalise at every stage.

It is what we call:

The MGT Way

Engineering advice grounded in rigorous data analysis, enabling robust design.

Meet our team

Geotechnical Studies

Dr. John Player
Dr. John PlayerDirector and Principal Engineer
Emma Jones
Emma JonesPrincipal Study Manager - Geotechnical
Gordon Sweby
Gordon SwebyPrincipal Consulting Geotechnical Engineer
Peter Evans
Peter EvansPrincipal Geotechnical Engineer - Shafts
Colin Thomson
Colin ThomsonGeotechnical Engineer
Lauren Goodall
Lauren GoodallGeophysicist
Zahra Seyedmehdi
Zahra SeyedmehdiEngineering Geologist
Herman Zlobin
Herman ZlobinSenior Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Richard Varden
Richard VardenSenior Geotechnical Engineer
Alex Phillips
Alex PhillipsSenior Geotechnical Engineer
Matteo Sala
Matteo SalaGeotechnical Engineer
Pavel Novomodny
Pavel NovomodnyGeotechnical Engineering Technologist
Gypsy Mahar
Gypsy MaharEarly Career Engineering Geologist
Chris McDiarmid
Chris McDiarmidEarly Career Engineering Geologist
Murtaza ‘Kach’ Kachwalla
Murtaza ‘Kach’ KachwallaEarly Career Geotechnical Engineer
Ravi Bagga
Ravi BaggaGeotechnical Engineer

Mining Studies

Nicole Player
Nicole PlayerPrincipal Technical Manager - Mining
Emma Doherty
Emma DohertySenior Mining Engineer

Geotechnical Data Collection and Analysis

Lyndell Juggernaut
Lyndell JuggernautGeologist
Michael Tin
Michael TinEngineering Geologist
Assif Ferrao
Assif FerraoEarly Career Engineering Geologist