Senior Geotechnical Engineer - Herman - MineGeoTech

BEng (Civil) (Hons), PhD (Geological Engineering) 

Herman is a geotechnical engineer with over 14 years of experience in mining, tunnelling, and civil projects across various countries like Australia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, and Japan.

Herman holds a PhD in Geological Engineering and during his studies he was involved in various technical roles from rock laboratory testing to geological hazards assessment.

Herman has extensive operational experience working with various geological environments including large copper porphyry, epithermal, and narrow veined.

His experience includes all aspects of mining geotechnics, such as rock lab testing, data collection, onsite geotechnical support, stability modelling, open pit and underground design.

Herman’s key specialties include:

  • All aspects of open pit geotechnical engineering, including implementation of modern monitoring solutions, D&B support and reconciliation, geotechnical risk management, and ground control.
  • Development and updating of geotechnical and structural models, including rock mass characterisation, major and minor structures, and groundwater.
  • Slope stability modelling and slope design (including 3D LEA and FEM).
  • Planning, control, and coordination of large data collection campaigns followed by their supporting analysis: including geotechnical logging, ATV/OTV data collection and interpretation, pit wall mapping and photogrammetry, sampling, packer testing, VWP installation.
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive monitoring systems (automated prism, ArcSAR radars, InSAR, pore pressure) and response protocols, including TARPs.
  • Building, management, and development of high-performance geotechnical teams from ground zero.

In addition to his technical expertise, Herman possesses strong management and interpersonal skills that enable him to provide effective geotechnical services in mining operations, corporate level, and consultancy.