BSc (Earth Sciences), MSc (Geology) 

Matteo has more than 2 years of geological and geotechnical logging experience having worked on projects across Australia both as an Exploration Geologist and as an Engineering Geologist. Most recently, Matteo has worked in Australia as an Engineering Geologist.

Technical capabilities include:

  • Detailed Geotechnical and Structural Logging
  • Underground and Open Pit Geotechnical and Structural Mapping
  • Training of Graduate Geotechnical Engineers and Graduate Exploration Geologist in Geological and Geotechnical Logging.
  • Interpretation of Geotechnical data through Dips software.
  • RQD and Fracture Frequency photo-logging.
  • Selection of samples for Geotechnical testing (UCS, UTS, Triaxial and Stress Measurements).
  • Preliminary Stope Design through the Matthew’s Stability Graph method.
  • 3D Structural modelling and data manipulation for use in geotechnical design.
  • Data Analysis and Technical maintenance of Slope Stability monitoring systems.
  • Geological Mapping and sampling of soil.

His software skills include MS office, ArcGis, RocScience Dips, SAGA, Stereonet, Autocad, Surpac and Deswik and he has software development skills in MATLAB, HTML5, C#, SQL and Javascript.