Matteo Sala - Geotechnical Engineer - MineGeoTech - Australia

BSc (Earth Sciences), MSc (Geology) 

Matteo has more than 4 years of geological and geotechnical experience having worked in projects across Australia both as Exploration Geologist and as Engineering Geologist.

Technical capabilities include:

  • Detailed Geotechnical and Structural Logging
  • Underground and Open Pit Geotechnical and Structural Mapping
  • Training of Graduate Geotechnical Engineers and Graduate Exploration Geologist in Geological and Geotechnical Logging.
  • Training of Backfill engineers and drafting of backfilling guide.
  • Interpretation of Geotechnical data through Dips software.
  • RQD and Fracture Frequency photo-logging.
  • Selection of samples for Geotechnical testing (UCS, UTS, Triaxial and Stress Measurements).
  • Preliminary Stope Design through the Matthew’s Stability Graph method.
  • 3D Structural modelling and data manipulation for use in geotechnical design.
  • Data Analysis and Technical maintenance of Slope Stability monitoring systems.
  • Geological Mapping and sampling of soil.
  • Preparation of Backfill notes for CHF, Paste, and CRF filling.
  • Ground support inspection, rehab, and design plans.
  • Shaft inspection, mapping, and ground support management.
  • LiDAR scans.

Software skills include MS office, ArcGis, RocScience Dips, SAGA, Stereonet, Autocad, Surpac and Deswik and software development skills in MATLAB, HTML5, C#, and SQL.