Lyndell Juggernaut - Engineering Geologist - MineGeoTech

BSc (Geography/Geology)
PDipSc (Geology)
MSc (Geology) (First Class Hons)

Lyndell graduated from the University of Auckland in 2008 with a Masters’ Degree in Geology. Lyndell has 8 years of practical mining knowledge in evaluating deposits including projects in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Lyndell has experience with the exploration and logging of narrow vein gold, sediment-hosted copper and skarn copper deposits. He has logged 120+ km of Archean Greenstone belt volcanic rock (WA) and turbiditic sedimentary deposits.

His experience includes:

  • Corelogging – design and implementation of logging systems for both geological and geotechnical purposes
  • Drill rig supervision both diamond and RC
  • Remote site management
  • Participation in project work and analysis of collected geological/geotechnical data
  • Training staff in areas of diamond core processing/sampling, geology and geotechnical logging

Software competency includes: Aquire, Logchief, DHlogger, Vulcan, Basrock Software and Microsoft Office applications.