October 27, 2022

Lauren Goodall

What is your role, and how long have you been at MGT?

I am a geophysicist, and I joined the MineGeoTech team 1 year ago. I process acoustic and optical televiewer images to evaluate the geotechnical properties of rock mass in the correct orientation. Additionally, I process LiDAR point cloud datasets to monitor for displacement between two point clouds which have been collected at the same location but at different times throughout the project.

What sparked your interest in this field?

I’ve always been passionate about earth sciences and geologic formations, and I studied Earth and Environmental Sciences at university before undertaking a Masters in Exploration Geophysics. I find it incredible that we can interpret and classify the subsurface using geophysical techniques such as acoustic pulses. I started my career in the oil and gas field as a seismic interpreter predominantly working with large 3D offshore datasets, however, I am relishing the opportunity to continue to develop my geophysical knowledge in the fast-paced mining industry.

Share a memorable project story.

When I first joined MGT, I was given the opportunity to visit an underground mine. Being a desk-based geophysicist, this was an incredible experience which really opened my eyes to the challenges faced in mining.

What is a quote that has stuck with you?

‘Don’t count the days, make the days count’.

What advice would you give to aspiring mining geophysicists?

Take advantage of any opportunities available to expand your knowledge, never stop trying to process and learn more. Try and involve yourself in many different projects and never stop asking questions.

Who in your team would you like to give a shout-out to?

Peter, who has mentored me through point cloud data processing and convergence workflows. He has taught me how to problem solve and is a great supportive team player.

Rapid-Fire Questions

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Volcanologist. I am in awe of the natural world and the power it possesses.

How do you take your coffee? Or are you a tea person?

Coffee, black, no sugar. The stronger, the better.

What is one (or more) of your favourite hobbies?

My favourite hobby is attending aerial circus classes. I love pushing myself physically and mentally to try something I thought would be personally impossible.

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