December 9, 2021

The UQ Young Achievers Program was launched in 2009 to assist students from low-income backgrounds to access tertiary education. The students are from state schools, and often rural Queensland, where they will be the first in their family to attend tertiary education. So far over 370 Young Achievers have been welcomed to the program.

MineGeoTech’s sponsorship of the University of Queensland (UQ) was further extended in 2018, with the MineGeoTech Scholarship within the Aspire Scholarship Initiative. The MineGeoTech Scholarship provides commencing students who have experienced financial hardship with financial support to assist them with their transition to tertiary study and is for students in engineering, science, technology and mathematics disciplines from remote and very remote areas.

What I look forward to after graduation is being able to apply the knowledge I have gained over several years of study and use it to make the world a better place.

We are happy to see scholarship recipients doing well and thriving in their STEM field, helping to shape the world for the current and future generations. One such recipient is Hayden Doyle, who is in the 2nd year of his Bachelor of Engineering degree.

We reached out to see how he is enjoying the university lifestyle, how this scholarship has shaped his educational pathway, and what he’s looking forward to after graduation.

What did you enjoy about growing up in Ayr, North Queensland?

Growing up in a small town meant that I knew everyone my age at each of the schools. This meant that it was easy to have lots of friends who lived close by. This also meant that both my school and town social environments were very friendly. I also enjoyed going to school and having small classes where teachers were able to provide great one-on-one feedback on my work.

How has this scholarship opportunity shaped your experiences?

This scholarship has allowed me to cover some of the more expensive costs associated with moving out and away from home. It has also allowed me to afford costs involved with my studies such as purchasing textbooks and stationery supplies, which overall have helped me achieve much better grades than I would have without these resources.

Aspire Scholarship Spotlight Case Study

Read more about his journey in our Aspire Scholarship Spotlight Case Study below:

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