December 17, 2020

Austmine’s METS Tech Talk explores new innovations and processes in
mine planning and design

John has more than 25 years of experience in mining and geotechnical engineering. His specialties include:

  • Dynamic testing and analysis of rock reinforcement and support systems, resulting in a vast knowledge of reinforcement response to dynamic energy and using this knowledge in designing ground support schemes for these environments.
  • Rock mass and ground support scheme response and design in a seismic and non-seismic environment.
  • Using statistical methods for rock mass description and analysis to improve confidence in the results.
  • Identifying and applying technology to forecast and assess rock mass response to excavation and utilising this information to implement sustainable mine designs.
  • Open stope dilution/performance/sequencing and development.
  • Longitudinal sublevel caving design, implementation, recoveries, and ground response to production.
  • Assessment of rock mass conditions to forecast response to mining, then utilising this knowledge to establish better mine design and sequencing.

With so many variables in the mining environment, it is a difficult task to find a strategy that maximises the long-term value of a mining operation.

However, a wave of technologies, software packages and processes are entering the market, helping mining organisations harness key information and deliver optimal outcomes. These are driving a holistic approach to mine planning – the first step to a profitable, productive, and safe mining operation.

Our very own Alex Biggs, Principal Study Manager – Mining, was on the panel with other esteemed industry representatives earlier this year. If you would like to revisit the Setting Up for Success & Optimise Mine Planning & Design: Austmine’s METS Tech Talk Webinar, or watch it for the first time, we’ve got you covered.

Alex’s presentation starts at minute 8:46.

The MGT Way is engineering advice
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